Mod Squad is an experienced, professional, creative design service.


We craft clever visual solutions to the age-old problem of getting noticed.

Generally, this is achieved without nudity or explosives.


Putting your best foot forward is easier if you are wearing a nice pair of shoes.

In this particular metaphor, we are the shoemaker.

We can draw anything. Being able to draw is cool.

                                   Maybe not 'lead guitarist' cool, but pretty cool.

Words: They're often our most powerful weapon in the war against mediocrity.

Creating great ad campaigns takes more than Brylcreem and Bourbon.
We've drunk both and found they are no substitute for a Design Degree and 25 years of Practice.

Expensive, world-class, award-winning photographers and darlings of the supermodel set.
We are none of those things, but we do own a camera.

Mod Squad is modelled on a traditional design firm, but without all the people.

With an unusually broad skill-set, Al Best is your point of contact,

your creative resource and your project's guardian right through to delivery.

After graduating from the University of South Australia (B. Des.), Al cut his teeth
in the advertising industry until 1999 when, in a foolhardy, irrational
moment he decided to try freelancing.
He never looked back.


Account Manager

Creative Director

Graphic Designer



Art Director

Mac Operator


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